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New York Fashion Week show staged with 7-foot-tall holographic models


Designer Maisie Schloss' digitally-crafted psychedelic prints and chic cyber-inspired partywear feel right at home within a fashion industry that is looking towards the possibilities of a virtual future. During New York Fashion Week, she leant into this digital fantasy, presenting her latest collection for her label Maisie Wilen on 7-foot-tall holographic models.

Over the weekend, attendees of the Fall 2022 show entered into a gallery setting to find the virtual models lined up in a row, performing a set of repetitive motions, like GIFs. Inspired by the dolls of Mattel's 2010s franchise "Monster High," some wore green and blue body paint, creature ears and fins while they rotated in space, swayed their hips, pointed at guests and sometimes emitted shocks of animated blue lightning or bubbles.

To create the larger-than-life holograms and AR imaging for the show, Yahoo's team set up 106 cameras around the models in a studio space, capturing 360 imaging in super sharp 6K resolution to show every detail of the clothes. Maisie says the experience is "almost like living inside of a GIF lookbook." The imaging "brings so much dimension to the get to see it move in this very surreal yet lifelike manner," she said.

And though some labels have begun to step into the metaverse by releasing their collection as digital NFT garments alongside their physical clothes, Schloss says there's no plans to do so this season. For now, bringing Frankie Stein into your home to wear the clothes for you will have to suffice. Visit the Maisie Wilen holographic experience to see the full collection.

contribution credits : Jacqui Palumbo

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