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We are looking for new friends. Talented team players who cut the ego and love building new things.

Open Positions

  • Accounting Consultant

  • Collecting and analyzing data about a company’s operational costs and estimation

  • Collaborate with other accountants and financial staff in the company to provide financial and accounting support to executives and department heads who establish goals and budgets for the organization.

  • Setting standard costs of manufactured goods

  • Developing and analyzing cost standards

  • Carrying out cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis.

  • Establishing costs of business processes such as administration, labor, shipping, etc.

  • Performing account reconciliations.

  • Preparing audit reports and presenting their findings to management.

  • Recommending changes to the company’s processes and policies to reduce cost and maximize profit

  • Advising executives and upper management on appropriate costing based on financial data.

  • Managing the company’s balance sheet and accounting books.

  • Performing cost analyses and preparing budget reports.

  • Plan and record variable costs (e.g. purchases of raw material and operations costs)

  • Review standard and actual costs for inaccuracies

  • Prepare budgeting reports (for the company and for each department)

  • Analyze and report profit margins.

  • Supporting other company accountants with invoicing and capital expenditure.

  • To improve financial efficiency and give data-driven advice to company leadership.

  • Reviewing company’s financial documents and recommend new accounting procedures that could improve cash flow and make it easier to understand and itemize expense reports.

  • Operating Financial reporting software tools and ERP software for the company.

  • Responsible for and maintains a complex accounting program, which includes, but is not limited to managerial and cost accounting. In addition, participates in the budget planning, payroll processes, and forecasting for the agency.

  • Furnishes advice and assistance to management on accounting and financial management matters, analyzes information, assists in resolving conflicting data, and/or formulates recommendations for management decisions.

  •  Bachelor degree in Finance or Accounting

  • Please email resume to  

  • Job Type: Full-time

  • Salary:  Overtime + Paid Vacation + Sick Days

  • Spray Painter / Finisher

  • We are looking to hire a talented Spray painter/finisher with experience with spray paint using Air Assist Airless System and familiar with Pre/Post Cat paint product/Matthews/QHF etc. Our paint department is easy to navigate and will be your domain to add value to its functionality. Your skills is essential for the outcome of a finished product. This position is essential and provides much opportunity for growth and progress long term.


           Experienced to Operate :

  • Paint Mixing Station and Scale.

  • Pressure Paint Pot.

  • Prep work

  • Maintaining the paint booth/dept.

  • Ordering supplies for stock.

  • All candidates must be punctual, reliable, and organize.

  • This position is an hourly and full-time candidate only.
    Compensation will relate to Personal abilities, Skills, and Experience.
    Please email resume to  No phone calls, please

  • *Excellent Salary & Hours

  • *Overtime hours and weekends will be necessary.

  • Thank You!

  • Job Type: Full-time

  • Salary: $$ Hourly + Overtime + Paid Vacation + Sick Days

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